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IATA’s Global Distribution Systems (GDS) Fares & Ticketing course will gain you and advanced fare construction technieqs through a simulation training on Sabre, Galileo, or Amadeus.

Course Contents

Introduction to The Travel Industry

Apply mileage system pricing skills to international routings

Read and interpret GDS displays relevant to mileage system pricing

Define common fare construction terms and abbreviations

Identify and price different journey types (including one-way, round/circle trip, Round-the-World and mixed class journeys

Use the IATA Fare Formula to correctly price a journey

Apply global indicators to routings

Read, interpret and apply fare rules

Modifying a Booking File

How to use Amadeus Master Pricer Expert

Amadeus Fares, Pricing, and Ticketing

Assess and apply air fare taxes

Amadeus Queues

Sell Amadeus Budget/Unbundled Fares

Converting between different currencies and NUCs

Apply all minimum-fare rule checks in pricing itineraries

Use side trips

Add a manual fare to a GDS booking file

Know how to use GDS to issue tickets for manually-priced reservations

Apply the Lowest Combination Factor to quote the most competitive air fare

Apply rule exceptions

Construct and read a linear fare construction

Decode and interpret each field of an e-ticket

Issue electronic tickets for manually priced journeys

Final Certificate Exam

Who Shoud Attend?

Airline , Travel agencies call center agents

Travel & Tourism consultants

Reservations and sales staff members in airline, tour operator, and agency

Your Investment Achievements

Get a solid understanding of IATA fares & ticketing constrution rules

Gain a practical training application on any GDS Amadeus/Galileo/Sabre

Get a step towards building an acceptable C.V for Airlines or Travel Agencies Jobs

Gain EG SKY Verified Certificate which you can share on your Linkedin Profile

Become Prepared to get IATA Exam Certificate in GDS Fare & Ticketing Course

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