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Introduction to the Airline Insustry
Introduction to the Airline Insustry

The Introduction To The Airline Industry course is designed for entry level staff and is a reccomand for anybody interested in a career in the airline industry.

What do we mean by the airline industry? What does it include? What types of ser- vices are provided? Who is involved? These are some of the questions we will an- swer for you in this module. We will look at both passenger and air cargo trans- portation, as each is important for an understanding of the industry as a whole. You will also learn about the role of the airlines as a stimulant for global employ- ment, and how air transportation has been a positive influence in world devel- opment. This module will introduce you to basic concepts that will serve as the foundation for the rest of the modules in this course.

Start with the essentials to launch a career in the airline industry. Learn about the history of airline organizations, and the various operational and business functions that make up an airline.

Airlines carry 2.8 billion passengers annually. The airline industry employs
55 million direct jobs. The air transport sector creates 95 million indirect jobs in
supply-chain businesses that sell their products and services to airlines and
airports. Air transport also contributes to the creation of 18 million indirect jobs
in tourism

Course Contents

Airline Business Model

Airline Manufacturers and Vendors

Government and industry agencies

The Airline Industry Today

Airline Regulatory and Business Context

From Flying Machines to Airline Alliances: A Trip through History

How Airlines Are Structured

 Types of Airline Personnel

Flight Operations Personnel

All about Airports

Airport Personnel

 Processing Passengers and Freight

Airport Security

Air Navigation Services (ANS)

Airplanes and Flight

Aircraft Types

Types of Airliners

Air Safety and Security

Future of the Industry

Final Certificate Exam

Who Shoud Attend?

Newcomers to the airline industry

Entry-level airline industry staff

Airport Personnel

Your Investment Achievements

Get a solid understanding of Airline Industry

Aplay your knoleage through a Practical sernienos

Get a step towards building an acceptable C.V for Travel Agencies Jobs

Gain EG SKY Verified Certificate which you can share on your Linkedin Profile

Get a comprehensive IATA Exam Certificate Preparation

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