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Amadeus Ticketing Course  is the one-stop shop for travel professionals want to gain basic and advanced Amadeus functions Diploma, who sell advice and service leisure and business travelers.
Cryptic Magic is a unique service, which not only translates the commands from other GDSs, but also converts the cryptic entries into graphical responses for a truly significant advance in productivity, lowered training costs and time saved!
Fully online for access anywhere, anytime
A new graphical interface not only designed around the way you work but fully accessible over the web.

Course Contents

Introduction to The Travel Industry

Getting started: Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

How to book a Air flights

Amadeus Information System

Building PNR (Reservation) Mandatory Elements

PNR Optional Elements

How to request SSRs

How to add remarks and OSI elements

Modifying a Booking File

How to use Amadeus Master Pricer Expert

Amadeus Fares, Pricing, and Ticketing

Itinerary and Invoice

Amadeus Queues

Sell Amadeus Budget/Unbundled Fares

How to book seats from the Seats and Services Catalogue

Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMDs)

Book and Sell Ancillary Services

Sell Amadeus Bundled Air Family Fares

Amadeus ATC Reissue

How to manually reissue an e-ticket

Amadeus Refund

How to Refund a Ticket and an EMD

Amadeus Sales Reports

Final Certificate Exam

Who Shoud Attend?

New Comers into Aviation Industry

Who want to work as Airline or Travel Agencies Ticketing Agent

Who want to introduce him/herself into Travel Consultant Jobs

Your Investment Achievements

Get a solid understanding of Travel Industry Components

Gain a practical training application on Amadeus Connect GDS

Get a step towards building an acceptable C.V for Airlines or Travel Agencies Jobs

Gain EG SKY Verified Certificate which you can share on your Linkedin Profile

Need Help?