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In Hotel Bookings Course, you will explore the many aspects of hotel bookings and selling hotel products. Knowing the hotel product options available for your customers will make your job easier. To do this, you must book the right type of accommodation to satisfy customer needs. Exceeding the needs and expectations of your customers promotes long-term loyalty and repeat business for your travel agency.

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With no Global Hotel Standards, Many Distribution Channels, and Great Commissions, How can you Win the Game?!

This Professional Training program provides a practical methods and techniques to assure gain the best hotel deals. The Training Program aims to provide practical applications in hotel bookings for Travel Agencies via different types of reservation channels either direct or indirect.

Course Contents

Hotel Types

Hotel Rating Systems, Classifications, and Brands

The Language of Accommodation

Hotel Room Rates

Different Hotel booking channels

The best hotel rate required specific searches

Hotel Reservations and Payments via different types
of sales channels

Hotel Terms and Conditions

Technical Steps to implement Direct Hotel Bookings

Hotel Communications

Travel Agencies Affiliated Programs

Practical applications and Scenarios

Final Certificate Exam

Who Shoud Attend?

New Comers into Travel Industry

Who want to work as Hotel Bookings Agent

Travel Consultants at Travel Agencies

Your Investment Achievements

Get a solid understanding of Hotel Bookings for Travel Agencies

Gain a practical training application on different Hotel Distribution Channels

Get a step towards building an acceptable C.V for Travel Agencies Jobs

Gain EG SKY Verified Certificate which you can share on your Linkedin Profile

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