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Find the your training courses which will achieve your dreams to be part of the travel industry!

The travel & Tourism training courses

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The training courses aim to equip audiences with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in various roles within the travel and tourism industry at airlines, airports, travel agencies customer service, tour guiding, event planning, marketing, and management.

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EG SKY Travel Job board offers some travel related job opportunities by companies who voulanty choose to publishes their vacances on our web to facilitate for travel professionals application

eg sky travel business consulting

Trusted company

EG SKY Travel Business Solutions offers a range of solutions to individuals, travel agencies, and recruitment agencies to address the challenges of the travel industry.

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Full Time
Posted 1 year ago
Full Time
Posted 2 years ago
Full Time
Alexandria,Egypt, Cairo, Port Said
Posted 5 years ago
Part Time
Posted 5 years ago
Part Time
Posted 5 years ago
Part Time
Posted 5 years ago
Full Time
Posted 5 years ago

The future of your dreams is here


Don’t just take our word for it!

Ramy Mahgub

Ramy Mahgub

“… I have personally gained enormous amount knowledge in travel and tourism Based Approaches that will now be applied to my duties.Trainers were excellent, combining theory and examples from work field. Thanks!…”

Mohamed Mostafa

“… EG SKY it is one of the important institutes in tourism filed , not only to learn but also helping trainees in their practical field. Thanks!…”

Mohanad Galal

“… I believe that EG SKY is the best center for the education of aviation science, whether in the diploma of ticketing or IATA. It is not just a place where you will be in a courseware and certificate but it guides you to the right path to keep pace in the job market and Makes you qualified to work anywhere .. I would like to thank Eg team for their great efforts, especially Mr. Amr Elleithy…”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have the answers!

What Services EG SKY Provides?

EG SKY is a leading provider of travel and tourism training, marketing, and advisory services. They offer comprehensive programs that cater to the needs of individuals and organizations of all levels, and their services are taught by experienced industry professionals who are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. With EG SKY, clients can be assured of receiving high-quality services that help them achieve their business objectives and succeed in the dynamic travel and tourism industry.

Does EG SKY offer jobs after training?

No, however EG SKY offer many advantages that support its graduates and travel professionals as well.

Through the travel and tourism professionals platform, Travel Life, members can create a professional, specialized resume. Sign up as a Challenger and build your travel professional resume. Demonstration Video of how to build CV on Travel Life.

Cooperating with travel agencies who voluntarily choose to display their job opportuinites on EG SKY Travel Job Board.

Nominating distinguished qualified professionals in the travel and tourism to companies that request qualified employees directly from EG SKY.

NOTE: EG SKY is always trying to cooperate with tourism service providers to provide job opportunities for qualified professionals, but in no way does it guarantee a job opportunity.

What are the most important training courses in the travel and tourism?

There are many sub-sectors in travel and tourism such as travel agencies, airlines, and airports. Each sector has its own courses and diplomas. Undoubtedly, all these sectors participate in a group of the most important training courses in travel and tourism:

IATA Travel & Tourism Foundation Diploma

IATA Passenger Ground Handlling Agent Course

Global Distrbution Systems Courses (Amadeus / Sabre / Galileo)

EG SKY Airline Foundation Diploma

EG SKY Airport Foundation Diploma

EG SKY Travel Agent Professional Diploma

EG SKY E-Commerce in the Travel Insustry Diploma

What are the best ways to contact EG SKY Support team?

We are always happy to receive your various inquiries and try to respond promptly to all means of communication. For quick responses, you can contact via WhatsApp numbers.

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Why use our services to find your future goals?

Here are the some of the reasons

Comprehensive Portfolio

From planning to training to strategies building and implementation, you can rely on integrated success bags with experts in the travel and tourism industry.

Responsive Services

Attentive responses counseling to resolve immediate travel agencies training needs, business solutions, and marketing strategies.

Industry Recognitions

EG SKY International success partners such as Amadeus, Saber, Galileo, and ITT. In addition, and Lux Life magazine award as the best tourism training center in Egypt.

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